Drobo – behind RAID

Listening to an increasing number of people babbling about “that amazing Drobo thingy” is really starting to piss me off. It’s an expensive toy with a simple set of features that any CS major should be able to reproduce in a number of different (and cheaper) ways.

Now, I like numbers (as in facts, not that boring TV series) and having access to a Drobo, I ran a couple of tests. The Drobo is using four 1TB drives, connected to a Debian box, Read more

Emacs’ keyboard shortcuts

Well, I guess they leave a pretty bad first impression, but then…. they kind of grow on you (I already tried to use C-d on the WordPress text editor 3-4 times by now).

I just found this web page with quite a detailed explanation on the reason behind the “C-x M-c M-butterfly” combos , and thought it was worth sharing with the world.

The link at the bottom, to a page on modernizing Emacs, also raises a few interesting questions Read more