Python and Web Programming

For some years now that I’ve been keeping a decent amount of hack-ish libraries that do exactly what I want them to do. I have a library that provides me with a nice interface to different databases; another one keeps my sessions in check; others take care of cookies and encoding and decoding. To be honest, I never wrote any big website. I don’t really like web programming that much. But I do keep my libraries just in case. It’s Read more

Fluid: life saver

Do you hate having 30 tabs open in firefox/chrome/whatever when 7 or 8 of those you would really wish they were an application?

I met Fluid this weekend. Mac OS only unfortunately. It made my day.
One of the things I wished for was Google Reader as an application, and now I do. Did you mention Facebook? That also works. I guess Playboy would work too.

Try it and you might find yourself a fan.

There is plenty more Read more