CentOS NetInstall Proxy support

CentOS is widely used by some well known corporations around the globe as their distribution of choice. Without wanting to start a flame war (because I wouldn’t – if you haven’t figured out by now, there aren’t many readers to this blog) no one cares about your opinion on that. Doesn’t matter what you like, what you pick, that’s what those companies picked, they stick with it and it works pretty well for them.

One could argue that is because a rpm based system is better than a dpkg based system (or compared to any other package management system for that matter). One could argue that a distribution based from one from a corporation (Hello Red Hat) would be the best solution without having to pay one cent.
One could argue a lot of things about corporations choosing CentOS as their default distribution and never ever finish arguing. Maybe and probably because it is a worthless discussion.

But CentOS netinstall not supporting proxies? Really?

No comments on that.

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